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Sunset from Tarpon House

The Tarpon House has two bedrooms and two bathrooms,
a big kitchen-livingroom-diningroom and a study.

Total "under roof" construction is 3.744 sq. feet.

Under the house is a utility room, a laundry room w. GE washer and dryer
and a room for gardening equipment.

There are also three water tanks of 6.000 gallons each.

The house sits on a lot and a half and has 120 feet of ocean front.
The land is approx. 200 feet deep and I have planted more than 100
coconut palm trees, a variety of royals-queens-christmas-foxtail palms and
many more exotics. There are also hibiscus, oleander, ginger and
frangipani growing.

The house has its own 45 foot dock with state-of-the-art boat lift under
roof. The dock is inside the reef and weather safe. 
The depth by the dock is around five feet.
There is a sea wall constructed of river rock and concrete and it is 
 six feet deep and very secure.

Tarpon House sits on the island of Utilas south west tip,
facing the sunset.
Utila is one of the three Bay Islands off Honduras caribbean
More on Utila and the diving, fishing and boating around here
further on ...

Here are the coordinates:
N 16 04 238
W 86 58 026

You will find plenty of information on the internet or you can
e-mail me and I will help you. My name is Dan A Holmberg and
my e-mail is:

More information:

Insurance is 1.727.- US Dollar per year. Including wind storm and flood.
Property taxes are about 100.- dollar per year.
The house has internet connection.

The price for the property is 600.000.- US Dollar

The property can be bought with or without content.

My trusty 22ft center console skiff can be included.

If you need more space I own the very nice lot behind Tarpon House.

All questions and correspondence are welcome:

More pictures:

Diving around Utila:

Diving is what Utila is known for. People come 
here from all over the world just for the beautiful
diving. Many of the best dive spots are only a few
minutes boat ride from the property.
Most divers come to see and to swim with the
Whale Sharks.
Normally you find these giants no more than a couple
of miles away from the Tarpon House.

Boating around Utila:

The area around Utila is made for boating.  The cruising
 opportunities are endless.
To the west is Belize with thousands of Islands and

From Utila to Belize it is less than 100 nm.
Between Belize and Utila is Rio Dulce and Lago
Isabal on Guatemalas Caribbean coast.
A famous hurricane hole with good marinas and
exiting cruising in the middle of the jungle.

The other Bay Islands .. Roatan, Guanaja and Cayos
Cochinos are around 20 to 25 nm from each other and
all very interesting.

If you like cruising solitude and a bit of adventures,
all of the Mosquito Coast is to the east of Utila.

Fishing around Utila:

Utila is a sport fishermans dream. It is off the radar .. but
all kind of fishing is right here. Fishing is what the locals do.
Usually with small boats and handline.

Everything from marlin to bone fish to snook and tarpon.

The name Tarpon House is  because very often a pod of
tarpons are hanging around my dock.

A bone fishing flat is 100 yards from the house.

Here I am hugging my very first Wahoo.

All questions are very much welcome to: